Funding Gap Update & Inspection

We are very appreciative of the donations given to the airport to help fill the funding gap left from our fundraising efforts to repair the runway. But there is still a need to fill the holes in our fundraising goals:

  • Right now, the slurry resealing funding gap is down to only $3125 needed.
  • The prep work funding gap is still quite large, requiring another $8300.

If you would like to donate toward either of these gaps you can find out how here.

But we have good news!

Last year we were given until 9/30/2014 to repair the runway. Luckily we got that done ahead of schedule. We kept wondering, though: would it meet the CalTrans requirements?  All indications were affirmative but without the official approval of the permitting agency, we were all on our toes.

Just last week our new CalTrans inspector came out to visit the airport for the annual review. We’re excited to announce that the runway repairs passed!

The only to-do item noted in the inspection was some to mow down some vegetation around the runway in the safety zones.  This will be taken care of very soon.

Fly safely, everyone!

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