The cost of slurry sealing

Every quarter, the California Department of Transportation’s Division of Aeronautics circulates a newsletter called Cal Aero. The January 2014 edition highlights the cost of improving a runway similar in size to Ocean Ridge Airport. You can read it here.

While we are fundraising for the slurry sealing job alone (at approximately $60,000), you can see from this article’s price that the total cost for such runway maintenance is actually much, much higher.

Some community members, John Bower’s family, and Ocean Ridge Airport users have already committed to lending a hand for much of the work that must be done before and after our slurry seal is applied.  This includes donating their time, labor, and materials for:

  • Removing vegetation from cracks in the paving
  • Sweeping debris from the runway (gravel, grit, loose asphalt chunks)
  • Sealing cracks
  • Filling potholes
  • Acquiring donations for glass-beaded/reflective paint
  • Repainting runway markings to meet current requirements

In addition to the slurry seal fund, monetary donations for any of the above components of this grand task are much appreciated. But donations of materials such as reflective paint are also graciously accepted.

As always, thank you for thinking of Ocean Ridge Airport!

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