New Tie Down Amenities

In November 2013, the tie down area received some new amenities.

Tie down closet at Ocean Ridge Airport, Gualala, CA. November 2013.

Tie down closet at Ocean Ridge Airport, Gualala, CA. November 2013.

Not only is the sign new, but so are the tie down fees! For too long the fees were only $2/night. Our fees are now competitive with surrounding airports and the funds will go toward maintenance like the slurry resealing job.

Inside the tie down closet you will find everything you need to safely tie down your airplane.  ORAA member Mitch painted and labeled all of the new chocks and member Eric donated some new cinch straps. Payment envelopes are provided–just drop them inside the red drop box.

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2 Responses to New Tie Down Amenities

  1. Jaguar says:

    I visited E55 on 08/29-30. Runway was great and loved the tiedowns. I gladly made a $20 payment. Thanks to everyone for their efforts. I was amazed when I landed there were 4 planes in the tiedown area. We stayed at the Coast Guard House in Point Arena. The owner provided the transportation and got to walk the new Point Area -Stornetta Coastal land trust. It was more than beautiful. Does anyone know if there is a Live video camera feed near by, to check conditions ie fog?

    • Admin says:

      Thank you for your comment. We’re glad to hear that you had a nice visit to the coast.

      We are hoping to get wifi in the pilots lounge soon. Once we are able to do that we’re planning on installing a webcam as you suggest. It’ll (hopefully) be trained on the tiedown area so you can see the windsock direction and the level of fog across the runway and cloud cover in the sky. It all costs money and at this point we’re still trying to fill our funding gap for the recent runway repair work.

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