Airport Closed to Aircraft and Public for PG&E Staging

California has been experiencing a series of intense rain storms for the last week. This extreme weather is expected to last into next week. It has caused extensive damage to the power infrastructure throughout the region, with most people having lost power for days on end. Down trees and power lines, flooded rivers, and mudslides are common sights around here right now.

The airport is closed to the public. Additionally, the runway has been closed to all aircraft through a NOTAM issued this weekend. This closure will last for at least several weeks. 

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has taken over the airport for staging of personnel, materials, and equipment while it works to repair damage throughout the region caused by this current series of storms. We’ve been told there will be 300 people on the site–it’s a big operation!

Airport tenants (hangars, minstorage, and industrial building) are being notified of this closure. They will have access to their units once PG&E has finalized the staging of its materials and equipment.

Despite the immense personal cost, John Bower has worked diligently to keep the airport operational and available for decades for uses exactly like this–as a public service to the community and greater region. As you all know, many of us (including the owner, who lives on the property!) still do not have power and therefore no heat, lights, or the ability to cook and clean as usual. Our region’s students will be out of school until power is restored. It’s important that we cooperate with PG&E so it can get reliable power back on for all its customers. 

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this experience. We’re all in this together.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the airport manager, Julie Bower at 925-337-4145 or at 

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