Airport webcam and weather station

At long last, we are very excited to host a webcam and a weather station on the east side of the Pilot Lounge. This allows you to check the live weather conditions on the runway to the north, east, and south at any time:

If you are planning a flight along the coast, you can check the weather at a several locations.

Fly safely everyone!

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3 Responses to Airport webcam and weather station

  1. Allan Hogle says:

    Woohoo Julie! This is fantastic. Thanks,

    Allan Hogle


  2. Dan Dunkly says:

    Great News as I am on the hangar waiting list at Ocean Ridge Airport!

    Thanks very much and looking forward to a flight in soon!

  3. James Allen says:

    Fantastic. This will definitely increase the number of flights I make to your area. We love Ocean Ridge, Point Arena, Fort Bragg etc

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