Last day for Small Knot campaign!

The Small Knot fundraising campaign is coming to a close. It was open for the last 44 days…where has the time gone?

So far we have had 42 generous donors giving a total of $6,250. That’s only 13% of the goal but it is still impressive.

Small knot_last day

If you haven’t already invested in the airport please consider doing so now. This is the last chance to donate through Small Knot and get one of the amazing thank you gift packages available.  These gifts will not be available to donors after the close of the Small Knot campaign.


If you’ve never had a chance to really explore Gualala, here’s your chance. Many of the investor rewards include free stays at Seacliff on the Bluff, a downtown motel with ocean and river views.  Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in a room like this knowing that you also helped save our airport?

Seacliff room

Check out all of the rewards here:

Small knot_rewards


Go to Small Knot to donate now!

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